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color/silent*, 23min/infinite loop

Writer, Director, Editor - Scott Northrup, 2007
Co-Director - Matthew Pritchard
Camera - Derek Schultz & Matthew Pritchard
Assistant Editor - Derek Schultz
Installation/Construction - S. Northrup, D. Schultz, M. Pritchard, Derek Roberts, Alex Grossfeld
Co-Producers Matthew Pritchard & Scott Northrup


One of three interrelated, commissioned pieces for 8 Days in June 2007 sponsored by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MoCAD). I worked with a small team of my students (credits above) to create these pieces meditating on and reacting to school shootings, with a focus on survival instincts, loss and compassion. The pieces installed at Max M. Fisher Hall looped silently for 8 days with a curated selection of unique live accompaniment each day; this piece was installed silently at MoCAD, Detroit, MI summer 2007.

Video projection, sod, wood, pea gravel, plastic.