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Sweet Ass Savings
Sweet Ass Savings
acrylic and pencil on paper
36"x42" each

Sugar Disclaimer:

"My grandpa refused to pay full price for anything. He’d scour the papers for coupons and map out his shopping day to use the least amount of gas. When I was born, he added diapers to his shopping list and began collecting coupons from the neighbors, ignoring per customer limits, which meant very little to a man like him … a man who kept extra jackets, sweaters, hats & glasses in the trunk of his car for a quick change between purchases so that the cashiers wouldn’t recognize him."

Diapers Disclaimer:

"My Uncle John worked at Chatham’s as a stock & bag boy. When he would spot my grandpa, his very own father, in line to pay in one of his shopping getups, he’d walk over and taunt him, price gun in hand. “Nice try old man!” he’d say. “You can’t do that here!” He would point out to the cashier, like some sort of coupon cop, that this old man was wearing a costume and that he was trying to rip them off. The cashiers never really cared but my grandpa would be mortified even though he and my uncle never acknowledged that they were related."