• U Up? at KO Studio Gallery

    U Up? at KO Studio Gallery

    I will have some work in the group exhibition "U Up?" at KO Studio Gallery. The show seeks to disarm the seemingly-innocent inquiry “U up?”, typically sent in context of casual sex, and rather, use it to sum up what messaging looks like in the 21st century. Works in this exhibition will present viewers with ways to examine their own relationship, and relationships, using messaging shorthand.

    March 6-28, 2020. Opening March 6, 7-10pm.

    KO Studio Gallery
    9536 Joseph Campau
    Hamtramck, MI 48212

  • PLACE, PEOPLE, and TIME — Available Now!

    PLACE, PEOPLE, and TIME — Available Now!

    PLACE, PEOPLE, and TIME: publishing as an artistic practice

    This collective publication brings together the art works, visual material and texts produced by the participants in The Museum of Loss and Renewal's and My Bookcase's collaborative Place, People and Time Guided Group Residency, 2019. The artist participants were Adrian Quezada Ruiz, Berta Ferrer, Corinne Thiessen, Dorte Gotlieb, Emily Fong, Fernanda Aranguiz M., Leah Anderson, Mary Lilith Fischer, and Scott Northrup.

  • SHADOW at Office Space Gallery

    SHADOW at Office Space Gallery

    New work by Renee Dooley, Mary Fortuna, Scott Northrup, and Gary Schwartz, curated by Jeanne Moore.

    This exhibition considers the shadow as a space of stillness and motion, silence and sound, a place where the invisible comes to light, where secrets dwell but also reveal themselves. Artists Renee Dooley, Mary Fortuna, Scott Northrup and Gary Schwartz each uniquely interpret the shadow theme: Fortuna’s Birch Bark figures call to mind shadow creatures who haunt the night like Goblins, Spooks and Will-o-the-Wisps; Dooley’s handmade dolls conjure those times when we catch something in our peripheral vision and the stories that hide in the movement there between dark and light. Northrup’s multi-media works regard our innermost selves, the place where memory, love, loss and desire secretly harbor; Schwartz’s animated film expresses the mystery and intrigue that lures us similarly into that shadowy world.

    November 16, 2019 — January 11, 2020

    Office Space Gallery
    2870 East Grand Blvd
    Detroit, MI 48202